Las Vegas Club Tips: Hey guys, don’t let women use you!

This is a Vegas tip for guys…don’t let women use you! I can’t count the number of guys I’ve seen allow women to use them (particularly in female customers DO NOT get special treatment) to pay for their cover charge, buy them drinks, allow them sit at their bottle service booth and drink their liquor. As I tell in this story, these guys had so much “hope” that they were going to get something out of this situation…you can probably guess how much they really got

In Vegas nightlife women get all kinds of perks, discounts, and freebies. Guys, don’t be suckers like so many others I’ve seen at gentlemen’s clubs and offer to pay for the cover charge or buy drinks for a female customer who is a complete stranger to you. Just like I talked to the guys in my story about the situation when they were in the middle of it, I’ve talked to the women in the middle of the situation too, and I can tell you that their minds are set on having a good time with their girlfriends (not you), and will gladly have a great time on your dime.

Bringing sand to the beach is bad enough in a Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club. Paying to bring sand to the beach is even worse, especially when you don’t have any sand to take with you when you leave. Spend time with the entertainers that are at the club and enjoy your night in Las Vegas.